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    Pervious brick, pottery board, paving stone
    Production:Pervious brick, pottery board, paving stone
    Hennan Ningtong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

    Product Center

    Solve urban surface hardening, create a high quality natural living environment, and maintain urban ecological balance

    It adopts waste ceramics as raw material, is formed by secondary cloth and is fired at high temperature. It is a new green environmental protection product; it is also an ideal product to beautify the city, improve the living environment and improve the quality of life of residents.

    Strong water permeability

    It has good water permeability, can quickly penetrate rainwater, and easily cope with rainfall of 60mm/h. It can reduce the sewer load, effectively alleviate the flood discharge pressure of urban drainage system and prevent urban shackles.

    Large capacity water retention

    The porosity is 20-30%, and it has good water storage capacity. It can prevent the groundwater from depleting and restore the natural water storage capacity. At the same time, it can effectively adjust the temperature and humidity of the local space of the surface, improve the ecological environment of the vegetation, purify the air, and eliminate Smog, restore surface water circulation system, effectively alleviate urban "heat island effect"

    Safety anti-skid

    Due to the rough surface, its anti-skid value BPN is more than 70, and its good water permeability and water retention make paving roads difficult to accumulate in rainy weather, snowy days are not easy to slip, and pedestrian safety and comfort are improved.

    Noise reduction

    The porous nature causes the sound waves to hit the surface of the road, causing air movement in the small holes or gaps inside the permeable brick. The air moving close to the surface of the hole wall is slower, and the sound waves are attenuated due to the blocking force of friction and air movement. The acoustic environment plays a significant role in improving. The pore structure of the brick body can effectively reduce the road noise by 6-10 dB.

    Compressive, frost-resistant, weather-resistant

    It is sintered by 1500T high pressure and high temperature above 1200 °C. Its strength is obviously higher than other permeable paving materials, and its compressive strength reaches above 50Mpa. It has extremely high cold resistance, anti-freeze value of -25 ° C, and also has strong weathering and corrosion resistance, even if it is exposed to strong acid and alkali, it is not easy to be corroded.

    Significant economic benefits

    Sintered at high temperatures, it is rich in color and durable, and it can be used to create elegant urban roads. Compared with other paving materials, it has unique reusability, reducing waste of resources in construction and producing good economic and social benefits.


        Henan Ningtong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in building ceramics. It is a company integrating product research and development, production and sales services. The company's main products are ceramic permeable bricks, clay slab curtain walls, ecological paving stones and other new environmentally friendly building materials.

        Ningtong Eco-Ceramic Permeable Brick is a new type of ceramic environmentally-friendly building material launched by our company to solve the "inner city" and "heat island effect". This product uses waste ceramics as raw material, which is formed by secondary fabric molding and fired at 1280°C. It has high pressure resistance, high water permeability, rich color, good anti-freeze and weather resistance, high wear resistance and anti-skid property. Significant features such as recycling. It is an ideal paving material for the construction of “sponge city”. Can be widely used in public buildings, pedestrian walkways, garden roads, ecological parking lots, residential green roads and other places.

        Ningtong pottery curtain wall is also called pottery board. It is made of natural clay as the main raw material. It is extruded under high pressure, dried at low temperature and fired at 1200°C-1250°C. It has green environmental protection, no radiation and mild color. Will not bring light pollution and other characteristics.


    It is used in public buildings, pedestrian walkways, garden roads, ecological parking lots, green roads in residential quarters, etc.

    If you want to know more about Ninglang Environmental Products, please contact us. Tel: 16639148999 丨16639148999